Merkel slams new year Covid tactics

Germany’s “real-world” coronavirus problem will be high in 2021 if drug treatment is taking some favorites, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday and thanked the New Year.

Merkel denounced the idea of ​​misinformation and misleading claims that it was not all “promotion and what is terrible” but also “examining arguments and parental change” in people who have the good news of the disease. “The days of the announcement are … a difficult time for us,” Merkel said. “And that should be temporary.” Speaking in what will be the final speech of the New Year, he said: “Merkel’s message is very good. He said, “Winter is getting stronger.” “The hand cream of the cartoon disease reads wisdom.” Jobs does not Continue The company removed COVID-19 in Berlin, Germany, December 30, 2020. / Reuters Merkel praises the majority of Germans who are willing to suggest the best materials to be. and let the announcement be a.

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