Police kept black man naked in yard while looking for teens

A 71-year-old black man in South Carolina was embarrassed and scared for his life when a police officer looking for teenagers could get into a car and take him outside with a gun after checking his way to check the problem. , The man said in court. Video footage of the June 2019 meeting on Rock Hill shows police officer Vincent Mentesana insulting Jethro DeVane and telling him not to close the door. Mentesana ordered DeVane to stand outside his home at 4 a.m., facing the wall, according to the video, which DeVane and his lawyer obtained from a general record question released on Tuesday. When DeVane asked what was going on, Mentesana replied, “I don’t want to talk to you.” Police fired a shot at DeVane’s head for 90 seconds as other officers searched his home, according to the lawsuit. “I did what the man said. He had a weapon. He may have taken my life in minutes,” DeVane said at a news conference Tuesday with his lawyer.

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