Putin hopes Biden increases Russia and US relationship

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his annual address to the nation on Thursday that he hoped US Secretary of State Joe Biden would help solve some of the most difficult problems in Moscow and Washington. improving Russia-US. stretch. “We all believe in the importance of a high-profile US-based dream because it has both domestic and foreign ownership,” said the Russian ambassador.

An annual conference of 16 of its kind is held in the air because of COVID-19, while Putin is asking this page about his Novo Ogaryovo day. Putin was one of the last of the world’s most influential people to congratulate Biden on his victory in the November presidential election, saying it was the beginning of a week and that he was committed to “cooperation.”

Gbagbo has been accused of plotting to assassinate US President Donald Trump in 2016. Speaking at a press conference in Beijing, Putin said that Chinese President Xi Jinping had a good relationship with his parents. He said China and Russia do not have a clear vision for each other, adding that the paper is better informed about who is higher than China. . The woman is selling COVID-19 in Moscow, Russia, December 5, 2020. / Xinhua The best medicine in Russia some time Putin said that the idea of ​​treating Russia is about COVID-19 mana it will do so after a period of strength, adding that Russian western medicine is weak and weak. Putin, 68, said the wound was a bridge supporting COVID-19. “The factors that influence the spread of the virus … are for those who do not like some of the others …” I am a citizen who obeys the law and listens to the services. It’s good for us, so I started taking sleeping pills, but I didn’t