Saudi Arabia: ‘Giving’ a woman as a wife without her permission is against Sharia

Saudi Arabia has provided support for women’s rights – most importantly the right to choose and accept marriage – as the country embraces basic social change in recent years, local media reported. The measure gives women the freedom to choose and is not compatible with marriage. Scholars and legal experts say the amended laws allow a woman to come to her wedding venue, look at the wedding process and support it, as long as the marriage is permanent. between couples based on their desire to be together. Despite the fact that the choice of a woman and her submission are necessary for the transgender marriage, there are some who force women to call it Marriage, which is given to a woman as a wife for a man, without a husband. his conviction and without tax, Al Watan reported. Forced marriages that violate Sharia law cause many family problems, including high divorce rates and sometimes marital infidelity, experts say

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