School of Economics Scholarships for Masters in Development Economics at the University of Kent

Scholarship Description: The University of Kent awards the School of Economics Scholarships to outstanding students from low and middle income countries applying for the MSc Development Economics program in 2020/2021. Graduation Level: The School of Economics scholarships for Masters in Development Economics at the University of Kent are available for Masters programs at the University of Kent. Available Subjects: The following subjects are available as part of this scholarship program. Economics Developmental Economics Scholarship Benefits: Up to 2 scholarships are awarded, with each scholarship accounting for up to 50% of the full tuition fee. You should be aware that this scholarship does not cover the full cost of studying in Kent and that you will need additional sources of funding to cover your accommodation, travel and living expenses. The Faculty of Economics pays the difference to the full tuition fee. All scholarships are in the form of a tuition payment by the school and are paid out once the scholarship holder is fully enrolled at the University of Kent. Students may be considered for more than 1 scholarship, but they will not receive more than 1 (however Kent graduates may also receive the graduate scholarship if they are eligible). Eligible Nationalities: Student from a low- or middle-income country Eligibility Criteria: The award of this scholarship is contingent on students accepting an offer from the University of Kent School of Economics to study under the MSc Development Program Economics for 2020/21. The scholarships are available to outstanding students from low / middle income countries who have received a scholarship of at least 50% of the full tuition fee through another recognized sponsor. The scholarships are awarded to the most qualified students in a competition.

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