See how Volkswagen off the island’s wind farm is neutral

Volkswagen in the UK has agreed to set up a mobile navigation system on the Mediterranean island of Astypalea. As part of the agreement, the current transmission system on the island will be converted to electric vehicles with new electricity. In a statement, Volkswagen said the partnership will lead to Astypalea being a famous island for navigation and weather. New navigation services such as car sharing or navigation will be adopted to help reduce and improve traffic. In addition, energy will be obtained from local energy sources such as solar and wind. This project will start in six years. “Politics, business and society have the same responsibility to prevent climate change. Our long-term goal is to travel for the weather for everyone. Through the work of Astypalea, we will explore how we found a new way today. E-mobility and smart movement will improve life, and contribute to the future of carbon neutrality, ”said Dr. Herbert Diess, President of Volkswagen Group.

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