That’s why Safaricom has stopped 5G deployment in Kenya

Safaricom, a leading telecommunications company in Kenya, has announced that it is suspending its 5G deployment plan. This allows the telecommunications operator to concentrate on connecting more customers in the country to its 4G network. Safaricom had previously planned to ensure that every customer in Kenya would be connected to the 4G network by March 2021. According to its latest annual accounts, the telecommunications company has connected 77% of the country to the 4G network. Around 94% of the population are now connected to Safaricoms 3G. To achieve the goal of connecting the entire population together, Safaricom has stopped 5G deployment to make the 4G network accessible to all. Safaricom had previously reported that there are plans to launch a 5G network in major Kenyan cities. However, the plan was put on hold with no short-term launch plans. The CEO of Kenya’s largest telecommunications operator, Peter Ndegwa, said, “We tested it in this country (5G). We will have full spectrum conversations with the government in the background. In terms of immediacy, however, we currently have no plans to move to 5G in the short term. Telecommunications experts previously said the launch of the 5G network would further cement Safaricom’s leading position in the Kenyan telecommunications industry, especially now that the company is seeing slower revenue growth in the telecommunications industry. Language, as most customers rely on data services. While Safaricom hasn’t indicated when to roll out the 5G network, it doesn’t appear to be any soon.