The best reason to consider moving as a Scottish citizen to Australia

In the wake of the darkening of the British economy, the question of Scottish independence, it seems that more people are going to countries now like Australia for their future country. There has been a long-standing love affair between Scotland and Australia. Despite the difficult economic situation and the many financial problems facing Scotland, there are still people who need Australia as a new home. climate Although many would refer to different locations between Australia and Scotland, in many ways, we have Australian assumptions that are not always true. When we read of the hot weather, fire in the forest, trees and festivals every day in the newspaper, the situation is still on the ground. In recent years, we have seen significant changes in the Australian climate, with more storms than ever before, and stronger winds than ever before, although when we come back found warmer than Scotland. So in a climate like Australia! Scotland’s economic status is based on many years in the transport industry and part of English history. While this has changed dramatically over the past two decades, as well as the introduction of jobs in the new technology industry, many parts of Scotland are struggling to survive financially. As a resident, an increasing number of foreign workers and Scottish immigrants are seeking the same benefits from the fact that the government has worked for many years in the craft.

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