UK in Eye of the Storm amid spike in new COVID-19 cases

British doctors warned on Friday that hospitals across the country were facing several dangerous weeks amid the surge in new coronavirus infections attributed to a new variant of the virus. A day after the UK posted a record 55,892 new infections and 964 other coronavirus-related deaths, concerns about the impact on the congested National Health Service are growing. Field hospitals built at the beginning of the pandemic but later put on hold will be reactivated. England’s Royal College of Nursing director Mike Adams told Sky News the UK is “in the eye of the storm” and it is “annoying” to see people fail to follow advice. social distancing or wearing masks. A senior doctor also warned of hospital burnout among health workers on the front lines of the outbreak, urging people to obey the rules. “I am concerned,” Adrian Boyle, vice president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, told the BBC. “We are really at the fighting post.”

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