Unemployment benefits expire as Trump opposes signing the relief bill

Millions of Americans will lose unemployment insurance after Saturday as President Donald Trump refused to sign a massive $ 900 billion bailout package until lawmakers more than tripled relief controls that suspend the fate of the measure . Trump’s opposition to signing the bill puts millions of unemployed Americans at risk of lack of critical benefits and puts other critical support for businesses and families slated to phase out by the end of the year, increasing the possibility of a government shutdown on Tuesday. The president blinded lawmakers last week when he called “shamefully” a fallback compromise that was largely passed by both Houses and negotiated by his own finance minister. He hinted that if lawmakers did not increase the $ 600 direct payment checks to $ 2,000, he could veto the move, and Trump, largely absent from the compromise negotiations, doubled that rating on Saturday and offered little Clarity about his plans. A White House spokesman declined to say what the president was up to.

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