US judge again delays execution of lone woman on federal death row

A U.SThe federal judge said the Justice Department broke the law by postponing the execution of the only woman on death row last month and potentially pushing her execution in the new administration of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden. WE. District Judge Randolph Moss on Thursday overturned an order from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, part of the Justice Department, that postponed the execution of convicted murderer Lisa Montgomery until January 12. His execution was originally scheduled for December. 8, but Moss agreed to delay last month after Montgomery’s attorneys fell ill with COVID-19 and were unable to petition for clemency on his behalf. Moss gave Montgomery attorneys on November 19 through December 1. 24 to file pardon and grant Montgomery a stay of execution until December. 31. On November 23, the prison office announced that it would postpone his execution until January 12, 2021.

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