USA: Trump extends visa ban; Court repeals health insurance rule

President Donald Trump extended pandemic-related bans on green cards and work visas to large groups of applicants on Thursday through March 31, while a federal appeals court ruled on a rule requiring new immigrants to have their own health insurance. The twofold development on the last day of 2020 summed up how Trump made U.S. immigration policy more restrictive without the support of Congress. President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to reverse many of Trump’s actions, but it is unclear how quickly, and even to what extent. Federal judges limited the effects of pandemic-related visa bans, which were due to expire on Thursday. Biden, who now has to decide when and whether to repeal it after taking office on January 20, does not specifically address the problem on his immigration platform. Biden also doesn’t go directly into the health insurance requirement on his platform, and a lawyer suing the police on Thursday urged him to terminate it immediately. In April, Trump imposed a ban on green cards issued abroad, which are primarily aimed at family members of people already living in the United States. After a surprisingly cold reception from immigrant hawks, the administration went much further in June, adding H-1B visas, which are widely used by workers in U.S. and Indian tech companies and their families. Cultural Exchange Visas ”and L-1 visas for executives and other key employees of multinational companies.


  1. Hmmmm, I don’t even know what to say about this; every President has their own style of governance

  2. Everything depends on the president, he is trying to protect his country

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