USA: Washington Capitol closed after riots

Washington residents watched in dismay on Friday as teams erected a metal fence around the Capitol after the deadly riot in which supporters of President Donald Trump attacked the famous site. The approximately two-meter-high fence cordoned off the entire area of ​​the Capitol, where extraordinary events took place on Wednesday, during which hundreds of Trump believers raided U.S. lawmakers. “It’s incredibly sad,” said a local writer, who asked not to be named while taking photos of the black fence that closed off the area he usually enjoyed a morning stroll. “The fact that violent protesters have decided to overthrow the democratic process. It’s a sad week for everyone here.” Five people died in the mess on Wednesday, including a woman who was shot and a Capitol police officer who was pronounced dead Thursday. While areas around the Capitol and White House are generally closed ahead of a dedication, two Capitol police officers told AFP that the tall metal fence was erected in direct response to the chaos on Wednesday.