WhatsApp says you shouldn’t worry about sharing personal information on Facebook. Experts say you should switch to Highly Trusted Signal.

WhatsApp’s new policy on sharing data with Facebook has affected many of its users. After a change in the terms of use raises privacy concerns among users, WhatsApp made it clear on Monday that the new policy will not compromise the privacy of messages from people with friends or family. The messaging app, which markets itself as a privacy-focused service, will next month force its users to consent to Facebook and its affiliates to collect their personal information on WhatsApp, including phone numbers and locations. If users do not agree to the new Terms of Service by February 8th, they will be banned from the app. WhatsApp said in a statement Monday that it would respond to “rumors” that the policy update, which goes into effect February 8, “in no way compromises the privacy of your messages with your friends or buddies affects family “. This then resulted in WhatsApp competitors Signal and Telegram flocking millions of users to their apps. They hit number one on Google and Apple’s app stores on Wednesday, and Signal received Elon Musk’s confirmation in a tweet: “Use Signal”. Should WhatsApp users really be concerned about these new privacy changes? Experts told insiders that WhatsApp does not pass on any message content as it has been decrypted. However, the app can access metadata – in other words, who is sending a message to whom, when and from where.