Where to Invest When Interest Rates Are Low – 6 Fixed Income Vehicles With the Best Returns

The 21st century is entering an era of steadily falling interest rates. At the beginning of 2000, the key interest rate for US federal funds was around 6%. in December 2020 it was 0.09%. According to the Federal Reserve, which sets monetary policy in the United States, interest rates will stay near zero through at least 2023. The interest rates charged by lenders and the investments they make are pegged to the Federal Funds Rate. . Low interest rates have therefore become a must in financing. While the scenario is beneficial for some – businesses and individuals looking to borrow or refinance their mortgage – it can be a problem for others: investing in fixed income securities, which primarily attract retirees and workers near where they live. Retirement are particularly affected. Ideally, these prudent investments make enough to meet investor expenses while minimizing or eliminating the need to invest in capital. However, as interest rates hit historic lows, it is more important for fixed income investors to develop alternative investment strategies to traditional deposit accounts or US Treasuries. And for the numbers to work, the strategy may need to take a higher risk. In broad order of increasing risk, here are some of the best-paying fixed income options in a low or falling interest rate environment – where to go when interest rates are low.

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