Which is the Apple app for the disabled in India

The most powerful technology when it comes to empowering everyone is Nivedita Vasant, a musician who suffers from cerebral palsy (a problem that affects the ability to move in the limbs), overcoming medical conditions with help from Apple products that you can access early. You have been using Apple devices for ten years now, and the available features and accessibility have made your life easier. “Apple access has a huge impact on people like me, people with mental illness,” Vasant told IANS at the International Day of People with Disabilities on Thursday, Apple is launching the World Wide Web to help people safely use their products safely. “I am a musician with a passion for piano and guitar. I use Music Memos on my iPhone to record music and for music, I use my iPad. I also use a lot of Assistive Touch, Siri and Dictation a lot. Said Vasant. On iMac and Wireless MacBook your, you use a lot of touch controls. “In a few years, these products have entered my life.” According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, people with disabilities “strive to respect their dignity as human beings”. They are often left in the shadow of advances and technology is a source of power and life to others. “For people like Vasant and the millions of others who are there, the redesigned Apple website is another promise from Apple CEO to help them discover the rich search opportunities available on the entire Apple product.The website is located around four major areas – Vision, Revolution, Attention, and Understanding.It provides advice and information about many powerful features available in print or click that can take the device configuration to a new level.African devices allow you to write a sell like an email without a screen. You can take a perfect selfie by listening to how many faces are in the middle. VoiceOver describes exactly what’s happening on the iPhone, iPad, Mac,