WHO is working to secure a joint venture for the new facility

Hoping to tighten its grip, the World Health Organization has elected a president on a plan to provide additional funding, which should leave global health unmanaged unless the country withdraws it is to reduce costs as the United States has done. Anil Soni will join the new WHO in January after eight years with Viatris, a national drug. The global coronavirus outbreak this year, along with the removal of the Trump administration and global health, has exposed the fragile WHO funding base. The organization relies on voluntary donations from member countries such as small donations. That left him vulnerable to the accusation that he had no outside influence and lost what was most important about global health. In an interview prior to the publication of the WHO Foundation, Soni said her main problem was to seek funding and donations from individuals. He said the foundation will be funded by the COVID-19 Solidarity Solution Fund, which has raised $ 238 million so far. “One of the things I have done and brought forward is the establishment of a private company, which can and will do more to ensure the speed and speed of life to new technologies internationally,” Soni said. is an American subject. Soni has been a consultant to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this year being the second largest in the WHO budget after Germany. Although President-elect Joe Biden has said he wants the US to join the WHO after taking office in January, Soni said the experience shows that the international community needs a big change in pursuit of money. “For many years, the WHO has been a great resource for major donors, whether from major donors or large countries, to meet the needs of key donors or key donors. WHO cannot formulate global health issues, in focus

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