Fullbright International Students Scholarship In United States

Quick Description:

The Fulbright International Student Program offers graduate students, young professionals, and foreign artists the opportunity to study and do research in the United States at a US university or other academic institution. .


US universities and colleges

Course section:

Fulbright supports applications from all areas, including multidisciplinary training.

Number of prizes:

About 4,000 international students receive Fulbright education each year.

One purpose:

International students from 155 countries around the world

Cost / donation time:

Courses usually cover tuition, aviation, financial support and health insurance, etc. The Fulbright program provides funding for your study time.

See the official website as well as the official website for a complete list of beneficiaries.


Maturity of programs and options varies from country to country. A community-defined website providing information about the Fulbright program in your community, including eligibility requirements and application instructions.

Application instructions:

All applications for international student programs are coordinated by two Fulbright Commissioners / founders or US representatives. Therefore, international students must apply through the Fulbright Commission / Foundation or the US Embassy in their home country. Deadlines vary from country to country, but range from February to October each year.

It is important to visit the official website (link below) and the state-designated website for details on applying for this education.

Website / Links:

Government assistance sites:

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