How To Know Who Is Watching Your YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos’ Analytics area provides creators with a lot of data. You won’t be able to see the identities of the people who have watched your films, but you will be able to collect some helpful demographic data in addition to the number of views. In a similar fashion to Google Analytics, built-in analytics delivers aggregate information about your viewers. Monitor the performance of your channel and videos with updated stats.

Analytical data for your YouTube channel can be seen here.

To get stats for all of your videos on your channel, go to:

  • Select your photo or profile icon at the top of the screen after logging in to YouTube.
  • Choose YouTube Studio.
  • Select Analytics from the left panel to get a selection of tabs with various metrics about your video viewers, such as reach, engagement, and audience.

Types of analytical data

Several analytical filters can be used to view information about your audience, including:

  • The watch’s current time
  • Public support
  • Demography Place
  • The date or the deadline
  • Devices/Contents/Traffic Sources
  • Love and enmity
  • Comments Share

How to use YouTube Analytics to visualize data

You can create line charts to observe how data has evolved over time, depending on the sort of data you’re looking at. You can also compare the performance of up to 25 videos using multi-line graphics. Select Export Current View (indicated by an arrow icon) at the top of the screen to save the reports to your computer.

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Report summary

“Overview” is the first report tab under “Analytics.” This is a high-level summary of your content’s current state. Performance measures such as standby time, views, and profits are included in the report (if applicable). It comprises information such as comments, shares, favorites, likes, and dislikes that are most relevant to interactions. The summary report also includes information about the top 10 videos on your channel, the gender and location of visitors, and the most popular traffic sources.

Activity in real-time

Under the Overview section, the Real-time activity box offers audience numbers that are updated in real-time with only a few minutes lag. Both graphs display your video viewing statistics for the preceding 48 hours and 60 minutes, as well as the type of device that viewed your video, its operating system, and its location.

Get to know

Under the “Reach” page, you can see your channel’s unique impressions, views, and more. You can also check your channel’s traffic sources (whether your viewers found you through a YouTube search, external links, or another source), as well as how many times visitors clicked on a thumbnail of one of your videos and if that click resulted in a viewing time.

YouTube search, suggested videos, playlists, YouTube advertising, and other features are all sources of internal YouTube traffic. Mobile sources, websites, and applications where your video is embedded or linked provide external traffic data.

Set a date range and view sources by location to get the most out of this report. Then filter the sources and the people who seek additional information from them.

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The Engagement tab shows you how long people have been watching your videos for. You can check which videos are the most popular, which videos are the most effective on the end screen, which playlists are the most popular in terms of view duration, and much more.


The “Audience” option allows you to examine your audience’s demographic statistics. It displays the viewers’ age, gender, and location. The Device Type tab displays the operating system and device type that viewers are using to view your videos. Computers, smartphones, televisions, and game consoles are examples of devices. You can also see which operating system they’re using, whether they’re viewing live or on-demand, and which playlists they’re most interested in.

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