Humber Canada International Entrance Scholarships

ScholarshipDescription: Humber Canada International Entrance Scholarships is open to international students. The scholarship enables undergraduate programs within the range of the Humber College-eligible undergraduate programs taught at Humber College. The date has expired until April 15, 2020.Tuition fee reduction for first-year students. Further details of this scholarship are: This merit scholarship is aimed at students with high academic qualifications (students with GPA 75% + and 6.5+ IELTS) who want to receive a university. A total of 20 new eligible international students will receive a scholarship of CAD 2000. * Scholarships are awarded on the basis of first arrival, which is first awarded to students who have received their letter of admission and confirmed offer by April 15, 2020. Eligible students must pay their full tuition fee and the amount of the scholarship will be credited to the student’s account after the 10th day of the course. The exchange is paid out in two installments in the first two semesters.

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