IDB scholarship for Muslim students in non member countries

Important Description: The Scholarship Program for Muslim and Muslim Countries (SPMC) aims to provide educational programs for young Muslim students who meet their needs and backgrounds from Islamic countries and countries.No members who pursue a university or first degree at a university in their home country or in member states of the IDB, in some cases. Guest link (s): My education must be accepted or spent the first year at a reputable college or university in their home country. With special programs and access to a professional education program is not possible or not available in any country, IDB helps to attract students from these countries and IDB member countries, which is generous fully applicable for IDB students with access to their university.

Areas of study: Medicine, Science, Agriculture and other fields related to training Above number of donations: Why not: Scholars are for Muslims from non-countries Muslim. Practical / Available Lessons: Students are given loans that do not benefit but donate to their local community. After graduating and receiving meaningful employment, all high school students should repay their local loans (IDB Local Trusts) for remediation and provide additional education for students in need in the area naa. The program covers all significant expenses during the training period of students, including tuition, medical and living expenses as determined by IDB.

Eligibility: To be eligible for this education program, student / applicant must meet the following criteria: • Maximum age of 24 • High school graduation / university prerequisite

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