Ion Perez denounces accusations he’s cheating on Vice Ganda

Ion Perez slammed critics of his relationship with Vice Ganda, who claim that he will likely cheat on his partner.

Perez took to Instagram on Jan 29 to stress that he would never cheat on the comedian, noting that he has even confessed to Vice Ganda’s mother, Rosario Viceral, how much he loves her son.

Before you think and say that I will cheat on him! Please think first that there is one Nanay Rosario I have told that I love very much her son Tutor.

Prior to the cheating allegations, Perez disclosed via YouTube vlog that he had been receiving ill comments from people regarding their relationship.

After being asked what the most hurtful thing someone had said about him, Perez opened up that it was when his mother.

When they told my mother was greedy, that was what hurt me the most. For me, it’s okay, I just accept it. But to say that to my mother, it’s like, I’ve been with her, I know her, I’ve been with her through hard times and she is not like that.