Italian authorities accuses Suarez of cheating during passportexaminations

Luis Suarez is accused of negotiating the subjects for the Italian citizenship test before the exam. Authorities are investigating events that took place during Juventus’ pursuit of the Barcelona striker.

The Bianconeri quickly moved to the top of the transfer queue after Ronald Koeman made it clear that the veteran Uruguay striker was no longer in his plans at Camp Nou.

Moving to Serie A seems like it suits everyone involved. Suarez is determined to stay at the top as he prepares to start a new chapter in his career at the age of 33.

Juve is looking into the possibility of obtaining an Italian passport for South America because he is married to a national, which means he will not take a place outside the European Union on his team.

Suarez went to Perugia to take the relevant test and pass a “B1” score.

However, the Perugia Prosecutor’s Office and Guardia in Finanza are investigating the alleged irregularities.

Part of their job is to tackle “secret crimes and false ideologies in public documents”.

Suarez was accused of agreeing to the topic before his exams to determine the outcome.

A statement from the relevant authorities said: “During the investigation, irregularities in Luis Suarez’s examination of Italian nationality emerged.

“From the investigative activities it became clear that the subjects covered in the exam were pre-agreed and that the results were predetermined before the exam and that the candidate only demonstrated basic knowledge of Italian.

“Today the Financial Police at the University of Perugia are carrying out an acquisition of documentation to confirm the behavior described and to report official secrecy crimes, ideological errors by government officials and others.”