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Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App Review– Recently, there have been a large number of loan applications available online. Because of this, we have committed a significant amount of our time and effort to the task of locating any and all loan applications that are currently available and writing an accurate and trustworthy review of each one.

The name of this app is Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App, and today we’re going to give you a review of a loan app that also offers users the chance to save money with them. Alright, today we’re going to give you a review of a loan app that offers users the chance to save money with them.

If you’ve made it this far in our Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App Review, then it’s safe to assume that you already have some knowledge about the company. However, even if you have no prior experience with Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App and this is the first time you’ve heard of them, you should continue reading this piece until it’s finished.

The Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App, as implied by its name, enables users to both save and borrow money. However, the aspect of this app that is most relevant to the purpose of this piece is the ability to borrow money, so be sure to keep reading until the very end.

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Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App Review ( Is Kredi Bank Legit or Scam)

Kredi Bank Savings

We want to make it perfectly clear that in the event that any of the features of this platform end up being altered in any way, we will not be held responsible for those alterations, nor will we be held responsible for any losses you may sustain as a result of those alterations.

We, the team at Thechatmogul, are writing this article out of the goodness of our hearts with the sole intention of enlightening you guys.

What exactly is the Kredi Bank Loan Application?

This is a banking application that provides its users, like you and I, with the opportunity to quickly and easily borrow money from them.

These loans are geared toward individuals with low to middle incomes and are available to salaried workers as well as those who are self-employed.

They make it easy for users to grab incredible saving plans whenever they need, and if you are in need of cash, this loan app should be an option you should quickly turn to. They claim to be very secure and serious with their users’ investments. Their main aim, as stated on this site, is to make banking much easier, more efficient, and more secure.

Which Countries Are Able to Use the Kredi Bank Loan Application?

At this time, only Nigerians are permitted to access the incredible features of this platform; however, we do not yet know whether this restriction will be lifted in the future.

How to Begin Utilizing the Kredi Bank Loan Application

You need to be aware that in order to begin using any platform, be it a website or an app, you will first need to sign up for an account with that platform. This can be done by entering your information into their registration page.

You can apply for a loan through them and get the money you need right away, but if you want to save money with them, you can choose from among a number of incredible and amazing savings plans. On the other hand, if you want to borrow money, you can do that and get it right away.

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Available Loans through the Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App

In this app, there are over four different loans that are available for all users to choose from, and we are going to go over that information in this section of this post.

  • Kredi SME Loan
    SME’s in Nigeria can now get the financing they need for their businesses without having to put up any collateral. You are now able to start, grow, and expand your business with the assistance of a Kredi SME Loan.
  • Kredi Bank Loan
    When you are in need of financial support but can only afford a small loan for a short period of time, Kredi can help. With Kredi Nano Loans, you can gain access to a maximum loan amount of NGN100,000, regardless of whether or not you are currently receiving a salary.

Loan Guaranteed by Future Kredi Salaries

Paycheck borrowers can qualify for an instant loan from Kredi of up to N5 million. The amount of the loan you requested will be deposited into your account within two minutes, and you have up to 18 months to make your repayments.

Kredi Collateral Back Loan

Loans obtained through the Kredi Collateral platform are guaranteed by movable items of value that also act as the loan’s security. The collaterals that are provided by customers will be evaluated according to the criteria that have been established in advance.

Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App Saving Plans

Kredi Bank does offer a savings plan, which we will briefly discuss in the following section.

The daily savings in Kredi

You should always be saving money and looking for ways to earn more. When you save a little bit of money every day, your money will accumulate incredible interest even while you relax.

  • Kredi Vault
    Put your money in a safe place for a predetermined amount of time, and you’ll earn incredible returns on it. Because our system is automated, it enables you to secure your hard-earned money with a minimum of effort while allowing you to reap the benefits of maximum returns.
  • Kredi Pot
    Establish objectives and aims, and reward yourself with eye-popping interest rates as you make progress toward achieving them. Your goals are valid!
  • Kredi Edupot
    This plan is focused primarily on your children; it allows you to put money away for them while also earning money (interest) for yourself.
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Interest Rate on Applications for Savings and Loans at Kredi Bank

When it comes to loans, the lowest amount you can ask for is 5000 Nigerian naira, while the highest amount you can ask for is more than 500,000 Nigerian naira.

The interest rate on the kredi bank loan app varies anywhere from 4% to 35% of the total loan amount.

Who is the Person Responsible for Creating the Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App?

We would continue to dig for information regarding the ceo of this platform, and once we do find out who the ceo is, we would update this section of this post with that information. The chief executive officer of this app has not been identified for reasons that no one is aware of.

Service to Customers Offered by Kredi Bank

You can get in touch with Kredi Bank by sending an email to the bank or calling them on their mobile phone.

Address of electronic correspondence:

Mobile Phone Number: +234 1888 5557

Is Kredi Bank Legit or Scam

Even though the majority of its reviews are positive and it has a large number of downloads, this app gives the impression of being genuine.

Even though they have a good star rating, which indicates that they can be trusted, the best way to determine if they are legitimate or a scam is to try them out for yourself.


This brings us to the conclusion of our review of the Kredi Bank Savings and Loan App. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below regarding your experiences with this loan app.

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