Newbold from Frankfurt wins Evans scholarship

Frankfurter Senior Daniel Newbold, along with 29 other students from across the state, recently won the Evans Scholarship, a prestigious grant and full housing grant available to golf cadets following an online selection interview on Jan. 7. The Evans Scholarship is valued at an estimated $ 120,000 for four years of housing and tuition at Michigan State University or the University of Michigan, where Newbold and the other awardees will be staying at the Evans Scholarship House. “I feel really blessed to take advantage of this opportunity,” said Newbold. “Being able to work at Crystal Downs and get this scholarship and everything else is special to me because I worked very hard throughout my career in high school to get there. I really tried to do it. Good in class The members of Crystal Downs say that I have a good character and that I work hard, all the values ​​the stock market seeks. “Newbold has been with Crystal Down since 2018 and called golf a huge part of his life.” I will still play golf. It has been a huge part of my life so far and I have no plans to change that, “Newbold said.” Being able to speak to the members of Crystal Downs has taught me many lessons and tips about life and success “As part of the grant application, Newbold was invited to write an essay and then attend an interview with Zoom.” There were about 70 people on the call, so I was a little nervous, “Newbold said.” They just have simple questions for me Went to work at Crystal Downs and I enjoyed it. “Newbold is following in the footsteps of his older brother, Will Newbold, who received the scholarship two years ago and is now at Michigan State University. With that connection, Daniel said Will could help to prepare for the interview process and achieve similar levels of success. “He really helped me prepare for the whole process and was very helpful,” Newbold said about was an older brother. Newbold said he is still choosing between the state of Michigan and the University of Michigan, but said he wanted to get a degree in economics or finance from his college.

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