The Advantages of Working in the Oil and Gas Industry

Job Safety
One of the sectors with the greatest employment security is oil and gas. Oil will always be needed because it is used as fuel, despite the fact that there are alternatives presently. An oil firm would be pleased to have you on board if you put in a lot of effort, have a strong educational foundation, and are well-trained. They are prepared to make an investment in their staff members by offering successful training. For instance, it could be challenging for you to spend time in the field if you are unable to read maps. The money: If you’re seeking for a financially rewarding career where the average wage starts at $90k/year plus benefits (especially if you want to live in a particular city), then have a look at this sector. Despite the fact that they aren’t hiring at the moment due to how great things are going, when they do, it’s usually through referrals or recruiting firms, which might make getting hired easier!

Although you may have heard that a career in the oil and gas sector can be financially rewarding, did you also realize that there are additional advantages? You might be shocked by what you learn as you continue reading to learn more about the benefits of working in this field.

High Wages
One of the industries in North America with the quickest growth is oil and gas. Wages are increasing as a result of a shortage of experienced tradespeople. With five years of experience, a worker can anticipate making roughly $45 per hour, which equates to a $90,000 pay yearly. There is also a sizable bonus structure for working overtime. Other benefits include free lunches, educational grants, safety incentives, and paid vacations.

Possibility of Travel
There are many opportunities to travel, interact with new people, and encounter various cultures. You can earn a living while traveling the globe. It’s a terrific way to learn about how other nations operate as well! The main drawback is that since you can’t always book flights in advance, you’ll need to be close to an airport and have some free time for this activity. I’ve been a commercial representative for GE Healthcare since 2006, and I absolutely adore my work. Flexibility, in my opinion, is one of the finest advantages because there are no set hours, I don’t commute to work, and I’m not confined to a desk all day. I enjoy traveling to hospitals around the nation as part of my job because it makes every week feel like a vacation. Additionally, there is always entertainment to be had nearby, from amusement parks and water parks to picturesque walks through mountain ranges or even state capitals where you can spend a few hours learning about local history. When I want more than just networking encounters with coworkers or clients.

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Numerous Positions Are Available
The oil and gas industry offers exciting and difficult work. As new technologies are created, the industry is always changing, thus your skills will always be relevant. You’ll also collaborate with some incredible folks on initiatives that have the potential to impact the entire globe. This industry offers a lot to love! The timing is right to join the team.
Along with the range of roles, oil and gas also provides:

a (often) competitive wage with benefits
A chance for advancement (often)
excellent culture
Excellent chances for future expansion
The Task Is Engaging
The oil and gas sector is really fascinating. It has several diverse facets, including drilling, exploration, production, and refining. The fact that you can work at any level, from being a computer programmer for an oil business to working on an offshore rig, is one of the things that makes this industry so fascinating. I wanted to be able to accomplish a range of things during my career, which is why I decided to major in petroleum engineering.

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