Top three(3) Ways On How To Use Resume Keywords

Can my CV pass the recruitment test? What about the robot? Use the right keywords and submit your resume in front of the stack.

So how do you know which continuing keywords to use? And what’s the best way to use them without showing up on keywords that have just thrown themselves on the page (or screen)?

These three tips will help you update your resume so you have a much better chance of finding you – for the right job. Continue with keyword tips

1. Use your job ad as a guide There is no general list of keywords you can use in your resume. The keywords in a primary school teacher’s CV are not the same as the welder’s keywords, which are not the same as the financial planner’s keywords. So how do you know which keywords to put on your resume? The first place to find keywords is a job posting. If a company says it is looking for an experienced professional who can manage a sales pipeline and has experience with UK suppliers, you can use these phrases – “manage a sales pipeline” and “experience with UK suppliers” – assuming you have this background, of course. This is an important reason why you should not rely on a single resume for every job you apply for. You will need to edit your resume each time you submit an application because what is important for one position may not be important for the next. Tailor your resume to a specific job using words and phrases directly from the job description. Robots are more likely to link your resume to a battle for an open position.

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2. Be as specific as possible Recruiters need to know exactly what you’ve done, so the words “marketing professional” and “accounting professional” are too broad, and you’re of course a marketing professional if you’re looking for a marketing job. Be specific, because recruiters apply on certain terms, not general terms. They need to know who you are and what you offer. For example, you may want to use your entire job: “Director of Market Research,” “Director of Forensic Accounting,” or “Digital Marketing Coordinator.” See the job ad again.

3. Sprinkle Keywords Through If you use a single keyword, you probably won’t get far with the applicant’s tracking systems. Choose a few keywords and use them throughout your resume.

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