Tuition free universities in 2021

Norwegian state universities and colleges generally do not charge tuition fees for all students, including international students. This applies to all levels, including undergraduate studies, master’s programs and doctoral degrees. programs. However, students must pay a tuition fee of NOK 300-600 each semester. Note that some state universities and colleges may have tuition fees for a few specialized programs, which are usually at the master’s level. Most private schools have tuition fees for all of their programs and courses. However, the fees are generally significantly lower than in similar studies in most other countries.

Nor do foreign students pay higher tuition fees than Norwegian students. Study costs in Norway: Note that the cost of living in Norway is higher than in many other countries. Housing costs will be 90,000-100,000 kroner per year.

See list of universities and colleges in Norway See also list of scholarships in Norway for international students Austrian universities without tuition »According to If you are not an EU / EEA student, Austrian federal / public universities only charge around € 726.72 per semester and 20, 20 euros per semester for the student association fee “ÖH-Beitrag” and the student accident insurance fee. Exemptions from tuition fees or full or partial reimbursement of tuition fees are possible in special cases (eg holders of certain scholarships, participants in exchange programs and university partnerships, students from certain countries). More information is available directly on the university’s website.

Studying in Austria: The cost of living for Austrian students is around € 800 per month, which covers accommodation, food and personal expenses. See a list of higher education institutions in German universities without tuition »According to, As of October 2014, not all German universities except Baden-Württemberg * charge tuition fees for all students, including international students.

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In some states, universities charge tuition fees (approximately 50 euros) and / or administration fees (approximately 50 euros). This semester structure may change in the future, check this page for updated information on tuition fees in the various German states. Currently, the state of Baden-Württemberg requires tuition fees (for bachelor’s, master’s, diplomatic and state exams) of EUR 1500 per semester for non-EU citizens.

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