UK and France sign deal to immediately stop illegal migration

Britain and France signed a new agreement to curb illegal immigration on Saturday, towing patrols and technology in hopes of closing the dangerous road for foreigners to board small boats to reach the UK. . UK Secretary of State Priti Patel and his French counterpart Gérald Darmanin have said they want to make way for more than 8,000 people this year. Patel said that under the agreement, the number of police forces expanding to 150 kilometers off the coast will double, and new facilities including drones, radar and cameras will be operational. This year, hundreds of people, including some children, were arrested as they made their way from a tent in northern France to the south of England – walking along a busy bus lane in the world. an overflowing sea. Some immigrants have been displaced. There have been nearly a dozen deaths around Channel One since 1999, according to a recent report. He said, “Through other police forces off the coast of France and improving understanding between our security and law enforcement officers, we have seen migrants leaving French shores. . ” The UK and France plan to move closer to close talks to reduce external pressure on shared borders next year, he added. Patel said French authorities had stopped 5,000 people traveling in the UK this year. He said that ten years ago, the UK gave France 150 million pounds ($ 200 billion) to prevent imports. He said the authorities’ indifference to stopping small boats meant they saw many migrants trying to cross the canal by large boats, increasing border security in France by trying to stop it.

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