USA: President Trump will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration

President Donald Trump said on Friday that he would not attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, and retracted his message the day before that he would work for “smooth, orderly and orderly work” transparently Trump has no idea how he will spend his final hours in office and will be the first incumbent since Andrew Johnson not to take the oath of office on his successor. Traditionally, incoming and outgoing presidents travel together for the ceremony in the Capitol United States, a symbol of the nation’s peaceful transition. Trump’s comments come two days after a violent crowd of his supporters occupied the Capitol for several hours while lawmakers counted the votes confirming Biden’s victory. Biden will be on January 20th President at noon, regardless of Trump’s plans. “I will not answer anyone who has asked on January 20th Inauguration go, “tweeted Trump. The move was widely anticipated as Trump falsely claimed election victory and made allegations without basis of electoral fraud for months.His own administration said the elections were pretty well organized.