Vocation vacation that can boost your career

If you are packing a long weekend at the beach, sightseeing or tracking airfare to Europe, you may want to add one to your to-do list: career planning.

Give an invitation leave, a vacation that gives you an idea of ​​a particular career path. To help you figure out how your travel preferences can lead you to your ideal job, we’ve combined nine types of vacationers into a few similar occupations.

Have a nice trip! Vulture Eagle You love to immerse yourself in foreign cultures, learn languages ​​and dive into politics and history … … you may want to love an ESL teacher – Learn English either in the US or abroad while learning about student culture and linguistic languages.

Global sales – Learn about different parts of the world and market, customize and sell your products to a new audience.

Museum work – Surround yourself with art and artifacts while sharing information about the collection with visitors. Do-better You love working with people and volunteering, even on vacation. … you may love nursing – Provide the elderly with a hospitable and attractive environment in private homes or outpatient settings. Nursing – Spend most of the time caring for patients, getting to know their medical needs and monitoring their care plans.

Social work – Has a strong impact on the people you serve – usually vulnerable children and families who need support in difficult times.

Scholar You love a holiday that allows you to visit the ruins of ancient civilizations and learn about the cultures and people who built them … … you can love anthropology – Explore the background of lost masterpieces and the people who created them.

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Architecture – Plan the design of a new building and the restoration of existing sites. Construction – Build new structures from scratch while learning the nuts and bolts of each project (literally).