All we know about vaccines and variants

Hello, dude what a weekend. The variant of coronavirus first identified in South Africa was found in the United States and we have received the results of the Novavax vaccine and the one-shot coronavirus vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. We’ll cover all of this and more, but first – new to our newsletter? You sign up here to receive daily broadcasts from the care team. We’re also hiring another reporter for the team! Are you a journalist who wants to learn more about digital health, get the news out and understand what the industry can expect? Apply here! This week the vaccine news has been mixed, starting with the news that Merck is out of the running. With the introduction of the pharmaceutical giant, all eyes were on the next wave of results. More than 200 vaccines are still in the works. Andrew Dunn described what the coming year would look like for these candidates. And as new, more contagious variants have emerged around the world, a big question has been how will they interact with vaccines. Moderna said Monday it was designing a new version of its COVID-19 shot to combat the variant first found in South Africa.