Biden inaugurates foreign policy team

As the world watches the wind blow in the direction of President Donald Trump’s beauty, the new beauty of the U.S. under President-elect Joe Biden coming slowly. In December, Biden announced that a number of industry executives would have a better plan in implementing the direction of U.S. foreign policy development for the coming years. Activists include Antony Blinken as state chief, Jake Sullivan as national security chief, Avril Haines as chief of staff, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U.S. attorney. to the United Nations. . . Selected waters are being praised, still awaiting US lawmakers. falls for it, for he pays attention to the difference as he deals with the genius with little education of such good and small children. Regardless, the port-related group related to their feelings about China as a supporter found it to have higher rankings as a first place. The four have worked under President Barack Obama on several fronts and have seen the implementation of the “Asia-Pacific Exploration Campaign” which restructured the US program in the region to avoid China promotion. Despite the serious problems they may pose to China, Chinese mercenaries view Biden’s group as a group of leaders and intellectuals that Chinese leaders can disperse. Blinken has served as the Biden’s most important global strategist for 20 years, this time as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In the context of the foreign policy of the Democratic working class and the show, he pointed out that freedom is always a social issue but it needs a good handbook to talk about quality when it comes. in foreign countries. Blinken is you