Concordia University of Canada Master of Philosophy Scholarship

Scholarship Description: The Concordia University of Canada 2018 Master of Philosophy scholarship is open to international students. The scholarship enables Masters courses in philosophy to be taught at Concordia University. The grant period is. Scholarship Title: Carol Lee Price Masters Scholarships in Philosophy at Concordia University, Canada Scholarship Description: Concordia University offers two scholarships to international students in honor and in memory of Carol Lee Price, a dedicated, intelligent, and philanthropic woman who has always been a great Was interested in mathematics and philosophy. These scholarships are specifically aimed at attracting and supporting women who are completing a degree in philosophy. Scholarship Provider: Concordia University is a comprehensive public university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Degree: Scholarships are available for master’s courses. Subject Available: Scholarships are awarded in the field of philosophy. Benefits of the scholarship: Each scholarship is endowed with 32,450 CAN dollars. Up to two are awarded each year. Eligible countries: Scholarships are available for international students. Admission criteria: The following two scholarships are aimed at students who would otherwise have to pay international fees. Students who pay tuition fees at the rate of Quebec or Canada, or who have received an exemption from international fees, are not eligible for these scholarships. Carol Lee Price Masters Scholarship in Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics: Applicants must have earned a BA in Philosophy with high honors and at least 21 credits (7 courses) or the home country equivalent in Mathematics or a BA in Mathematics with high honors and at least 21 credits or the equivalent in their country of origin in philosophy. Acceptable research areas for the MA are logic, history and philosophy of logic or philosophy of mathematics.

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