COVID-19 cluckers: Pandemic Fuels Call for Backyard Chickens

The coronavirus pandemic is returning home to settle in American backyards. More and more people who are forced to crouch at home are forming co-operatives and raising their own chickens to provide them with an earthy hobby, animal companionship, and a steady supply of fresh eggs. Hobby chicken farming has grown in popularity in recent years as people look for environmental sustainability in their food. The pandemic is accelerating these trends, say some farmers and poultry groups, and causing more people to take the plunge into poultry parenting. Companies selling chicks, co-ops and other merchandise say demand has increased since the pandemic broke out in March and health officials ordered residents to stay home. Allison and Ron Abta of Marin County, Northern California had been talking about starting a backyard cooperative for years. You took the plunge in August.


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