Iraq: Killer of three individuals from Kurdish family captured in Erbil

Abu Dhabi: Iraqi knowledge officials have captured the enemy of lobbyist Shilan Rauf and her folks in Erbil, where he fled after he carried out the wrongdoing, neighborhood media announced.

The Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism Foundation has communicated the implied admission of the killer of the Kurdish family in the Mansour zone in Baghdad.

The girl, Shilan Rauf, was a drug specialist and a lobbyist and the mother, Alia Rashid Najm, was a worker in the strict and altruistic foundation.

The suspect is Mahdi Hussein Nasser, who lives in the Habibiya zone in suburbia of Baghdad and functions as an Interior Ministry security official, guarding the Russian consulate in the Iraqi capital.

The Russian government office is situated close to the place of the three casualties, in an evidently completely made sure about zone, where the Bahraini consulate building is likewise found. It is hard for anybody to enter the structure, raising questions about the chance of furnished local armies perpetrating the wrongdoing, given the part of the drug specialist in treating the harmed dissidents.

The culprit of the slaughter said in his admissions that he became more acquainted with Shilan’s dad by prudence of working with him.

“I required an aggregate of cash and requested that he credit me the cash, however the last won’t and said that he didn’t have the cash and afterward a verbal squabble occurred between us,” Nasser said.

He included he found a blade close to him, so he wounded the dad of the drug specialist, who tumbled to the ground, at that point his significant other entered and he cut her as well, and she fell on the ground also.

The culprit said he hauled the two bodies to the washroom and opened the spigot on them to eradicate hints of blood, however Shilan saw what occurred and hit him with a cigarette douser, guaranteeing that he attempted to quiet her down without progress.

The culprit cleaned the spot and afterward looked for cash and found around 10,000 dollars, notwithstanding some Iraqi cash.

He took the cash and cell phones of the people in question and the blade and put it in a pack. At that point he went out and tossed the wrongdoing apparatus on the Army Channel street east of Baghdad, and ventured out to Erbil, where he leased a room in an inn.

He attempted to go to Turkey however couldn’t as he was captured at the lodging.

In two separate explanations, Iraqi specialists’ and drug specialist’s organizations decried the death of the Kurdish family.