Reasons why Foreign students should join the LBGTQ

Author and activist Audre Lorde once wrote: “It is not our differences that separate us. Our inability is to identify, accept and celebrate these differences. At the time, if you wanted to work for an employer that valued diversity and inclusion, especially gay, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in the workplace, you have more lives today than ever before.

Many companies, including Fortune 500 companies, have gender identity protection in their inequalities, according to the annual Equality Index of the Human Rights Act, which reviews activities on the basis of LGBT equality. There are a number of industry-specific companies that focus on the success of LGBT workers.

These organizations are not only a source of spiritual encouragement (although there is certainly a good reason to check them out), they are also very promising to help you at the practical level. Joining one of your sites can allow you to take advantage of these fitness benefits. Jobs Let’s start with the most obvious opportunity: help us find jobs with employers who value diversity.

Many business groups have taken steps to check the type of employers in their company who are LGBT friends. Start by checking out a large list of companies that have won high marks for LGBT equality on the Equality Index, and click to find jobs on Monster.

However, if you want to work in a company that has not yet been approved, you must conduct your own research to determine whether a competent employer values ​​diversity and the inclusion of LGBT people.

Look for job advertisements that clearly state that they do not discriminate on the basis of gender orientation or gender identity. When looking at the benefits and services of a company, you should be

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