The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Scholarship for Artists (Canada)

Scholarship Description: The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Artist (Canada) Scholarship is open to local (Canadian) and international students. The scholarship enables undergraduate, graduate, and graduate degrees in drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpture taught at Canadian universities. The grant period is. Graduation: The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Artist (Canada) Scholarship is available for undergraduate, graduate and graduate programs in Canadian universities. Available subjects: The following subjects are available for study under this scholarship program. Benefits of the Engraving Painting Drawing Scholarship: Successful applicants will receive an amount ranging from 15,000 to 18,000 CAN dollars. Eligible nationalities: The scholarship is open to all nationalities. Eligibility Criteria: The Foundation only sponsors young artists who are continuing their studies or who are at an early or developing stage in their career, working in a representative style of painting, drawing, sculpture or engraving, and who demonstrate the determination and talent for a career for Pursue life. in their artistic practice. The foundation does not finance the pursuit of abstract or non-objective art.