University Of Oxford Clarendon Fund Scholarship

Brief Description: The Clarendon Fund is a large scholarship program at the University of Oxford that offers about 140 new scholarships each year. Clarendon’s colleagues are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and capacity in all undergraduate programs at Oxford University.

Hosted institutions: University of Oxford at Level (s)

English Government: All postgraduate courses in all professions are eligible. This includes all full and partial master programs and all DPhil training activities. A list of all the courses offered by Oxford University can be found on the worksheet. Continuing program certificates or certificates are not eligible for this scholarship.

Number of Donations: Nearly 140 donations are made annually.

Admissions Group: All applicants from all countries. Trainers in full-time service will receive a generous annual grant of allowance of at least £ 15,009 for the 2020-21 season. Instructors of part-time jobs receive free training. Instructors of part-time jobs receive free training. In 2020-21, part-time DPhil researchers are expected to receive at least £ 2,502 and part-time masters students at least £ 5,003. Scholarships are always offered at all times, with you having to pay tuition to the university, which is often the same as the length of the course.

Eligibility / Optional Requirements:
Clarendon Scholarships are awarded based on outstanding academic achievement and ability to graduate students from around the world. Scholarships are valid in all subject areas and are open to candidates applying for a new Master or DPhil course through the January application period. See the selection questions on this page.

Guidelines: If you apply for full-time or part-time training at Oxford Masters or DPhil training by the end of January, you will be considered.

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