Lee Kong New Students Scholarship In China

Not to be outdone: Lee Kong Chian Graan Scholarship (“Training”) from a charity for people who have found a website at the Lee Foundation will be a good friend by donating or donating books to good students and the National University of Singapore. The purpose is for students to pursue a PhD Program at the University. Connection of guests (s): National University of Singapore, Singapore Masters: Doctoral fellowship (PhD) events at the National University of Singapore.

Gift Method: Description not Targeted Group: Includes countrywide total product display / including: • gender S $ 3,300;

• training, monthly withdrawals in the care of other supported users and NUS;

• Annual anger bonus of S $ 500; • Grant 2 face travel tours for up to S $ 4,000 (only for overseas students under the S $ 2,000 per view); and • Gift-lapping laptop gift of S $ 1,500. Numbers by label 1 for the first thing; but in the face of expertise, it is difficult to repeat it every year. The term of the gift is 4 years.

Eligibility is:

• Poor newsletter and the first class of the college may be two fungi (sometimes one); • Be a good PhD student and make friends;

• Scholarships during the grant, will be awarded as admission for a longer period of time at NUS and NUS;

• Students must book the type of goods for the guest MOE.

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